Mojobricks for Barbecue – adds amazing smoke flavor to your BBQ


Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes

For 350,000 years, man has been burning wood to make his meal.
Mojobricks makes it better.


Benefits of Mojobricks



Titles Grand Champion or RSG

Best flavor St Louis, Memphis, Dallas, Jackson and Atlanta Rib Cook-off

Smiles from the flavor

Mojobricks shipped everyday to fine restaurants and cooks in your area.

Times Longer

Burns Up to 5x's Longer than the old Chunks of wood


number of competitors who used it for the first time and won
I use Mojobricks® because my food tastes better when I use Mojobricks®, it is that simple.

Patrick Paquette; Pitmaster of The Basic BBQ Team.

Maria from Redding, PA

We visited with friends who where cooking in regular bull outdoor grill, no charcoal and I ate the best pork chop I have ever tasted in my life! I am writting to let you know why we just purchased the variety pack, thank you!
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Smoke Flavor Like You've Never Tasted