Manufacturer Endorsements

One owner of a manufacturer of Pellet Grills has become an avid user an experimenter with Mojobricks. Chad and Nicole Humphrey of Humphrey Smokers in West Newfield, Maine have controlled the Bar-B-Qube in their smokers to the point that each Bar-B-Qube is smoking for 8 to 9 hours.  These times have been reached in the past with other smokers but it is the first time that it has reached these smoke periods in a set-up specifically designed for the Mojobricks Hardwood Bar-B-Qubes 1 3/4″ x 3″L size.  Check with the Humphreys customer service if perfection is what you seek – Humphrey smokers are available to the public. Humphrey Smokers have been used to win the the Worlds largest Kansas City Barbecue Classic “The American Royal” and to win the prestigious Jack Daniels World Invitational.

Yoder Smokers is another new American Grill Manufacturer that is very popular. Based in Hutchinson, KS. USA  Yoder brings a variety of smokers to the market.  You can find them online at www.yodersmokers.com

The Southern Pride Smokers have been the mainstay of the Food Service industry since the early 1970’s.  You will find Mojobricks work great in their smaller smoke chefs and in the catering rigs found at most grocery chains and butcher shops. Check out Southern Pride online at www.southern-pride.com