Are binding chemicals or glues used in Mojobricks?

No polymer binders, no glues, no chemicals only an organic binder called lignin – it grows in the tree and binds the Mojobricks. Read more about lignin here.
For 350,000 years, man has been burning wood to cook.

What Species or kind of wood do you use to make Mojobricks?

Hickory, Mapple (Maple with apple essence), Competition Blend (Oak blend with Pecan essence), Red Oak, Maple, Mojobricks Red “Cherry” and Mojobricks Apple

Are all of your mojo woods blended?

NO – We blend only 2 of our 6 woods. Mapple is a Maple Blend with an Apple essence and Competition Blend is an Oak Blend with a Pecan essence.

What size should I use when I am going to be using charcoal in a horizontal grill, like a keg cut in half?

Any combination of Mojobricks will work.

I've got the Bar-B-Qube on the flame, I don't see smoke - should I be worried?

Bar-B-Qubes are extremely dry yet they are compressed so that the wood burns very slowly. When Bar-B-Qubes are burning they sometime produce no smoke – that’s a good thing. You may not see smoke but that Qube is producing smoke flavor. When the wood is burning perfectly its either producing no smoke or blue smoke.

What Size is the Mojobricks? 3 sizes (Small Medium and Large)

Small-Minis are for short cooks, typically less than 50 minutes. Use in any grill – gas, charcoal, electric etc. Not recommended for pellet grills. Minis are about the size of a large ice cube.

Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes (Medium). . Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes sold in the 4 pack are rectangular and are specifically used for low and slow cooks – low temperature longer than 2 hour cooks. The rectangular style is best utilized for cooking bigger meats in a back yard style gas grill. This rectangular style is what is utilized most often by professionals who compete with charcoal grills like the Backwoods, Stump, gravity feed, upright, and or porkmafia drum smokers and because they fit below the drip pan and on the heat shield -Pellet grills.
(LARGE) Mojobricks “Mojoqubes”

How many Qubes should I use when I cook a whole hog?

Mojoqubes are your choice but smokers for whole hogs vary so check with the manufacture of the equipment. As a general rule for every 8 to 12 wood chunks add one Mojoqube.

Which size MOJOBRICK do I need?

Which size MOJOBRICK do I need?
Small – “Minis”– 8 cubes in a pack

Dimensions of cube: 1.5”x 1.5” x 1.5”

Average weight per cube: 1.38 ounces; per pack – 11 ounces

*Burn Time: 15-45 minutes Types of Grills to be used in: gas and charcoal grills

As a general rule, use one mini when grilling on high heat for a short period. Typically, one mini will smoke enough food for one or two people.

Suggested use:

Use one mini for steak, sausage, burgers, brats, chicken thighs, chicken wings (6), chicken breasts, pork chops, lamb chops, fish, shrimp, bacon, duck breast and pizza. You can also slow smoke fish and cold smoke fish with a mini.

Medium – “Bar-B-Qubes” – 4 cubes in a pack

Dimensions of cube: 3”x 1.75” x1.5” Average weight per cube: 2.75 ounces; per pack – 13 ounces *Burn Time: 60 – 120+ minutes

Types of Grills/Smokers to be used in: Pellet grills, charcoal grills, electric smokers, gas smokers, upright vertical gas smokers, reverse flow gravity feed smokers, upright vertical charcoal smokers, UDS, ceramic grills and gas grills.

Use one Bar-B-Qube when cooking on lower temperatures for long periods.

Suggested use: Use one Bar-B-Qube when smoking one young chicken, one rack of ribs, one grill filled with chicken wings, pork and beef loin. Use two Bar-B-Qubes to smoke a couple of young chickens, 2-4 racks of ribs, 2-4 small pork butts, one large turkey (16lbs +) and one small-medium sized ham.

Large – “MojoQubes” – 6 cubes in a pack Dimensions of cube: 2” x 2” x 1.75”

Average weight per cube: 5.3 ounces; per pack – 2 lbs *Burn Time: 30 – 240 minutes

Types of Grills/Smokers to be used in: Horizontal gas smoker, horizontal gas grill, vertical smoker, charcoal grills, electric smokers, gas smokers, upright vertical gas smokers, reverse flow gravity feed smokers, upright vertical charcoal smokers, UDS, ceramic grills and gas grills.

Suggested use: Use one MojoQube to slow smoke corned beef, large pork butts (8 lbs+), one prime rib (12lb) and more than one or two turkeys. Use two MojoQubes for brisket any meat weighing over 15 lbs. Use two to three MojoQubes when cooking whole hogs (100lbs+).

Note: Some people like more smoke flavor in their food so they use MojoQubes instead of Bar-B-Qubes to add more smoke flavor.

*Burn times are approximate and are determined by the amount of heat applied during use. You may experience longer or shorter burn times.
GRILLING is HIGH HEAT for SHORT 4 to 10 mins or shorter cooks and – Minis Qubes are the most versatile. Minis are really great for Grilling! Use them with charcoal or in any grill that you cook on high temperatures for short periods. One Mini-Qube will smoke for about 30 to 45 minutes. In a ceramic cooker its not hard to slip it into the charcoal from above. are best with charcoal or lump charcoal or longer low and slow cooks

Do you sell Mojobricks to restaurants?

Yes we do. Restaurants are learning about the benefits of Mojobricks over using wood chips and wood chunks!  Take space for example. Mojobricks are in essence ood chips and wood chunks compressed into cubes. We reduce the amount of space you need to store the wood you use, the product lasts long, cooks cleaner, consistently and what that does is gives restaurants owners, chefs and the customer better tasting food!


How Do I get the Wood to Stay Lit?

Two ways to keep the wood smoking while cooking in the back yard BBQ; 1. Place the wood directly on the edge -just off the gas line but close enough that when the wood stops smoking to the extent you are seeking you can turn the gas line on and relight it. Do not set the product on the gas line itself. 2.Place 2 Bar-B-Qubes next to one another – space the face of the Bar-B-Qubes slightly apart. This will allow the fire to build between the two. Each Bar-B-Qube will smoke like a fuse in opposite directions. Below is a picture of a gas grill in which the flavorizing rails are to far apart to set the qubes up. We used two aluminum cans to position the (large) “mojoqubes” close enough that they would burn off each other.

2014-09-24 16.44.272014-09-24 16.44.32

Bricks to use for a for a 12 hr cook with Charcoal?

ribs – chicken – smaller meats MOJOBRICKS BAR-B-QUBES in any size other than Minis, when used with Charcoal add 1 Bar-B-Qube to start. Once your Charcoal is in the smoke box and before you drop the meat in- place “bar-b-qubes” directly atop the hot coals. 2 to 4 hours later add 1 more.

What if I am cooking 8 pork shoulders in a Fast Eddy electric smoker - How many do I add to the smoker box?

You need only 1 BAR-B-QUBE to 2 Bar-B-Qubes for up to 6 hours of smoke. Some smokers allow for less bar-b-qubes than others. If the manufacturer recommends 8 wood chunks try 1 or 2 Bar-B-Qubes. If the manufacturer calls for wood chips – use 1 Bar-B-Qube Mini.
smoked Oysters bge lhs (2)

I want to smoke meat in my inferred grill. Can I place the Bar-B-Qube on the pan that covers the flames?

Yes – that is exactly what you will do – place the Bar-B-Qube directly over where you believe the flame will be hottest, directly on the pan.

2014-07-04 12.57.11If you are adding juice or water to the pan you can place the Bar-B-Qube in a smoker box or you can pre ignite the Bar-B-Qube and elevate the Bar-B-Qube by setting it further up the incline of the pan.


If you have ever roasted a marshmallow over the hottest coals of a fire you would have learned how to best use Minis when cooking with charcoal. Place a Mini so that it is exposed to the hot coals but not directly impacted by the flames of the fire. Allow the qube to brown and then “pop” on fire. Using tongs, pull the qube back away from the flame until the Minis wood for smoke flavor stops burning and then slide it back to an area that allows it to smoke without catching flame again. Step back away from the pit and watch as blue smoke pours out of the qube and into the meat of choice! Enjoy!


You may want to add the “Qubes” directly to coals JUST BEFORE YOU ADD THE MEAT. Add either the Bar-B-Qube or the Mini directly on top of the LIT coals.


Yes you can! Pictured above – Qubes are smoking, ribs are on top rack and the burner farthest from the Qubes will hold the temperature steady. Light the heat opposite the Meat or hardwood.


We manufacture 3 sized Mojobricks; Small, Medium and Large.
Small is Minis * Medium is Bar-B-Qubes * Large is Mojoqubes
In a pellet grill Mojoqubes DO NOT fit between the drip pan and the heat shield.
99% of pellet grill customers order either the small Minis or the medium Bar-B-Qubes.

We get many questions about Pellet smokers – David Bouska of (Team) Butcher BBQ WON the Las Vegas World BBQ Food Championships using his pellet smoker and our Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes. YES – its easy to add smoke flavor to a pellet grill with Mojobricks.

In a Pellet Grill – there is a fire pot – this is the pot that ignites the wood pellets which Is the fuel that heats the grill to temp. On the lip of the fire pot is one place Bar-B-Qubes can be placed. IF YOU HAVE A HEAT SHEILD below the grills grease pan and above the fire pot – place a Bar-B-Qube on it. As long as the Bar-B-Qube is directly above the flame it will smoke until it is completely combusted.

here is a YODER customer writing to ask; I’m looking for bricks for my yoder pellet smoker.  Which is suggested. Large size or medium size.  How often should I put one on the grill? 2 at a time or one at a time? I’m mainly interested in this so I can cook at 250 and get a good smoke flavor instead of starting off at 180 for 3 hours to get the initial smoke flavor. But if I’m doing a 12 hour brisket. How many would I need to put on?  Also if I cooked at 250 would it actually ignite and work or do I need to precook on a grill and get really hot to start smoking?  Answer;

medium to small size
 you will get plenty of smoke from one or 2 minis on a brisket in a yoder.
If you really want a strong smoke flavor – you can start with one medium and add a mini near the end for color!
 You only want the wood to heat up and smoke. It will ignite and smolder. If you do not get smoke and you open your rig at the end and the wood is still there, you will need to light it prior to starting the cook (next time).
I want to smoke a Boston Butt/Pork Butt/Brisket Which Bar-B-Qubes do I use and How Many?

Great question! Especially if you have a BIG GREEN EGG and you only use lump charcoal,

Depending on the flavor you are looking for we recommend you use 1 cherry bar-b-qube and 1 competition blend on butts and we recommend you use 2 Mapple on Brisket. If you want to experiment and you want a stronger smoke flavor, try using ONE of the larger MOJOQUBES found in any of the brown bag otherwise 2 – of the Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes will do the trick every single time!

How many BAR-B-QUBES do I need for cooking ribs in a electric smoker?

You should only need 1 BAR-B-QUBE in the smaller sized electric smokers. In well insulated electric smokers you can also use minis.

Gas Grill e.g.Weber Spirit – 1 Bar-B-Qube off set on the flame and the meat as far from the heat as possible. Use the flavorizing rail to position the Bar-B-Qube directly over the flame.

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You may want to add the “Qubes” directly to coals JUST BEFORE YOU ADD THE MEAT. Add either the Bar-B-Qube or the Mini directly on top of the LIT coals.


ONE, YOU ONLY NEED ONE!  The most common mistake when grilling, smoking or cooking with charcoal is over smoking! Mojobricks wood for amazing smoke flavor you need only add one!


What your recommendation would be on a large (oil-tank base) gas whole hog cooker?

Well ( a deep subject) using a whole hog cooker is not new to the Mojobricks qube family.  Using Whole hog cookers without a smoker box is not a problem either. You don’t need foil and you don’t need a smoker tin however it may be to your advantage to use a heat shield of some kind. Try using “MOJOQUBES” which come in the brown bag.  Allow the qube to “pop” on fire like you would with a marshmallow when you are browning it and it gets a little to close to the fire and it catches fire.  Pull it back away from the flame and allow that first burst of flame to burn. ( Remove it from the charcoals).  Then return it to the hot coals but place it so it is “browning.” Once you find that area near the charcoals in which the wood is browning and smoldering and not catching fire – leave it there.


I am looking into buying a Cook-Air grill. I see that you sell Mojobricks for them, and I have some questions.


  1. What wood is used for the Cook-Air grill?

You can use any hardwood. The issue with wood chunks or cut logs is that they have to fit the fire pot chamber. Once you have uniform size hardwood chunks cut to size, they will burn up quickly and produce lots of ash. With compressed hardwood the wood is specifically made for the grills chamber. The amount of ash released during cooking is minimal and they last much longer creating a much more enjoyable experience. We recommend using the new Mojopellets in the Cook-Air grill. It’s our new solution and we can provide 2x’s the amount for less cost.

  1. How many bricks come in the Mojopellets pack?

We recently started making round “Mojopellets” in 20 lb packs.  Shipping is included in the cost. Shipping 20 lbs of anything is expensive more expensive then most think. On occasion, it costs much more than the average to ship 20 lbs and we will bill the customer for the extra cost in that circumstance.

  1. On average how long does each brick last for cooking? 

The Cook Air has 5 settings; on the #1 setting the wood will last the longest. On the #1 setting the air flow is the least. Less air moving in the chamber keeps the fire to a minimum. On the other hand the #5 setting has the most air moving in the fire chamber. When you place the compressed hardwood in the chamber from our experience, most often, we end up on the #3 setting for the majority of the cook.


QUESTION I’m using a Rebel 28 Smoker and cooking all 4 competition meats at 275. Which mojobricks should I use and how much of it?

ANSWER it always depends on the environment however since this particular person did not specify we will assume its a nice day to cook BBQ on this Rebel 28. The Rebel is a Gravity feed smoker and we have not cooked on a rebel however based on our knowledge of other gravity feed smokers, you have 2 options for placing the wood. 1. Place the charcoal in the chute and light it. Place a Medium Size Barbeqube in the chute with the lit charcoal just before you add the meat to the chamber. The 2nd option is to place the Medium size bar-b-qube in the ash pan immediately or just before you add the hot charcoal to the charcoal chute. Falling embers and the heat from the hot coals usually keep the Mojobricks Smoking.  Mojobricks come in 3 sizes. If you are cooking chicken parts use a mini. If you are cooking the whole chicken use a Medium sized Mojobricks which we call the Bar-B-Qube. So cooks lasting 2 to 4 hours typically a Medium sized Mojobrick is going to work. If the smoke flavor isnt to your liking aadd a second Bar-B-Qube for that 2 to 4 hour cook. Any Cook lasting more than 4 hours use MOJOBRICKS MOJOQUBES which are the biggest of the woods. For more info on the Rebel you can check out our video from the AMERICAN ROYAL 2015 where Chef Phillip Dell used a Mojoqube in the process – of making the video What are Mojobricks demo’d in a rebel