In a Charcoal Grill



Weber smokey mountian Versus the Pit Barrel Cooker – With T -Roy Cooks! ( Austin TX).

ITS EASY! Add it to hot charcoal prior to cooking!


 MR MOJO HOW MANY MOJOBRICKS DO I ADD TO THE GRILL?  You will be better off using less than more! 1 mini is enough for most cooks but if you want more smoke flavor add a Bar-b-qube and if you have 2 racks of ribs and are cooking for hours try 1 mini and 1 bar-b-qube to the coals or hot metal surface. 


The size of Cube you use depends on what you are attempting to accomplish.  Many cooks who have smoked for years will tell you “at some point meat stops taking on smoke flavor.”  This according to some hired hand at, A physicist named Blonder sez that this is not true.  He sez that your meat will always receive smoke, that you can always add another layer of smoke flavor and he sez, you can also wash it off.  Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, have you ever heard that?  Now where was I ? Oh yeah flavor and adding layers of it with Mojobricks.

One Mini is going to infuse the equivalent smoke flavor of a cup to 2 cups of wood chips.

One Bar-B-Qube is going to infuse the smoke flavor of  the equivalent of 4 to 6 wood chunks

One Mojoqube is going to infuse the smoke flavor of the equivalent of 8 to 12 wood chunks

In this short video we cooked a young chicken with the smallest Cherry Mini in the bag and one Mojoqube. You can see the Mojoqube is still smoking with the Chicken internal temp in the 150’s (beware this link takes you to our instagram @mojobricks)

This is only a general rule as each condition you cook in is different and every smoker is different and it you use a komodo which is an insulated as you can get when cooking versus on the opposite side of the spectrum a Weber Smokey Mountain which has lost of area and plenty of places for heat to escape.  What about Lump versus briquettes and what about wind conditions and weather conditions? All of these things need to be considered along with the temperature you are cooking or the amount of charcoal you are using.

Cook on high heat or low and slow?