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PELLETS ARE THE FUEL Mojobricks add Flavor



If you add a wood chunk to a pellet grill for smoke flavor what happens? Have you tried it? We would not be having this conversation if we did not get inquiries regarding adding smoke flavor in a pellet grill. It’s a common question.

I recently came across an article about Pellet Smokers at grillsforever  It is a quick read.


THE FOLLOWING METHOD IS A TESTIMONIAL REGARDING  cookshacks, timber ridge or Englander pellet smokers.  Rob C. Tells us that his friend has a REC TEC and this method works in it as well. Rob C sez he has been cooking Low and Slo for 30 years recently he sent me this testimony ~ USING Our Largest cubes “MOJOQUBES” – “I tried lighting it and putting it on the cast iron grate thats meant for searing. Its right above the burn pot. It worked. Once I got it lit and let it stay in a flame for a minute, I blew out the flame. There is alot of air flow from the fan blowing up. It kept it smoldering. I know you want to tell others with similar smokers how to make your product work. I have attached a pic of the inside.

Can Mojobricks be used in my pellet grill?  Talk to your manufacturer before adding Mojobricks to your pellet grill.

Mojoqubes are the Biggest Bar-B-Qube Medium size Minis are the Smallest

We get many questions about Pellet smokers – For example does it work? One of many examples is an early user; David Bouska of (Team) Butcher BBQ WON the Las Vegas World BBQ Food Championships using his pellet smoker and our Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes. Although, he has secrets that is not one of them. Mr Bouska or the Big Bouska as we like to call him is a legendary figure in the KCBS circles. A Butcher by trade, he has more perfect scores than any other okie in recent memory. He is an early adapter and he carries his own line of BBQ Rubs and BBQ Sauces, injections etc Check into his store at

WHERE TO PUT THE Mojoqube, Bar-B-Qube or Mini?

In a Pellet Grill – there is a fire pot (see image below) – this is the pot that ignites the wood pellets which is the fuel that heats the grill to temp (DO NOT PUT THE CUBES IN THE FIRE POT). On the lip of the fire pot is one spot aka the FG spot or the 1st spot a Mojobrick could be placed. IF YOU HAVE A HEAT SHIELD above the fire pot – place a Mojobrick on it. As long as the cube is sitting atop something hot, it will smoke until it is completely combustive.

I currently own a Green Mountain Pellet Grill, Daniel Boone model. Prior to buying this grill, I was using a propane smoker with a water pan and using wood chunks/chips. My pellet grill simply does not produce a heavy enough smoke flavor to suit me……Saw your ad and would like to know how well they would work in my Green Mountain pellet grill? kindly ~ Roger L. Lancaster, MO

Seek ye first the FAQ page for more details on this topic.

It was the 1970’s when Joe Treager was experimenting with the pellets and the grill. His patent ran out in the early 2000’s and as of 2017 there are more than 60 pellet grill manufacturers.

There are 2 options to placing Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes for Smoke Flavor in a Pellet Grill. Mojobricks fire is the #1 choice for professionals working with hardwood for smoke flavor in pellet grills. Not only does the wood perform with consistency but it is also easy to apply once. Once you figure it out, it works.  The application is sourced and you can replicate that amazing flavor on every cook! redpellet grill illustatrtion

For Pellet grills we recommend Bar-B-Qubes or the “MINI”. Bar-B-Qubes are the thinner sized “qube” which is the rectangular 3″Long and just under 2″ thick that come in a 4 pack. The “Mini” is the smallest of our products and provide plenty of ancillary smoke. The Bar-B-Qubes are 2 1/2 x’s the amount of smoke infusion of the mini.



So many pellet grills have the same basic design. As long as there is heat the Mojobricks will stay lit and smoke during the operation. Measure the distance between the firepot and the grill grate. If you have an inch and a half of space from top to bottom you will be able to place pellet grill illustatrtiona Bar-B-Qube (our medium size product) in place. Where you place it is another question!

Restaurants using Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes in Pellet Grills

We have a customer in Lincoln Park, Chicago Illinois, called the Barn and Co. Smoke House they have a Fast Eddie Pellet smoker and every night they add a pyramid of Bar-B-Qubes to that smoker and cook their brisket or ribs or whatever it is they are smoking. Its a busy restaurant so you can imagine that they are smoking more than a few big meats every night. They will, in a pyramid formation, place anywhere up to 11 Bar-B-Qubes in the fire box area. They use a gas torch to light the Bar-B-Qubes from the bottom. If you light the bottom of the pyramid the wood will burn very slowly: from the bottom to the top. It takes all night for the wood to completely com-bust. There is no creosote build up in the smoker and the reorder is systematic. Mojobricks allow for consistent results and with consistent results come with consistent book keeping.

Check out this Demo from the AMERICAN ROYAL and Josh of Yoder Smokers

Most manufacturers of Pellet grills provide a separate smoke box for adding wood. If your pellet grill has this box and you are cooking a couple racks of ribs – you really only need 2 minis or one Bar-B-Qube.


Many pellet grills have a similar design. Many do not have room for a smoke box. So we recommend you add your Mojobricks  to either the grill grate or to a flat surface hopefully that flat surface is a heat shield. As long as you do not expose the entire “compressed wood chunk”  to flame you will get the smoldering effect you seek. Use your own smoke box and place it near the heat.

What Size Mojobricks do I use?

Just like using a Mojobricks product in your back yard gas grill or charcoal or deep south smoker you simply need to follow our simple guide.  You have some smoke flavor from your pellet grill so if you need just a little more you will use 1 or 2 minis. Mojobricks come in 3 sizes. A Mojobrick Bar-B-Qube is 3 x the smoke flavor of a mini.  Mojoqubes are 2″ thick so you need the clearance, if you have the clearance then a Mojoqube is 5x’s the smoke flavor of a mini.

The Smallest size of Mojobricks is a “Mini”. The Medium size is a Bar-B-Qube.

The Mini can be used for anything you are smoking for less than 1 hour. Use 1 Bar-B-Qube for anything that smokes for 2 hours.  Adjust your cooking accordingly.

Manufacturer Endorsements

Yoder Smokers is another new American Grill Manufacturer that is very popular. Based in Hutchinson, KS. USA Yoder brings a variety of smokers to the market. You can find them online at

Woods for Smoking Meats?  Look no further! the best woods for smoking. “Compressed Wood Chunks” –  Try Mojobricks competition blend. Award winning bbq smoking flavor.