In an Electric Grill

Electric Grill with Smoke Box and Heat Elements

There are many forms of electric grills. Most of these grills have a heating coil or some form of heat element that creates the heat to smoke the protein.

Some electric grills use infered technology while others use air to keep wood burning like the “cook air grill” which is an offshoot of the pellet grill concept. The Cook Air Grill uses wood chunks, large round pellets and even Mojobricks Compressed wood chunks as a fuel.

This is a specialized grill and it works great for grilling! You can smoke with it, it just takes time to learn how to do it well.


If you’re all about push-button convenience or you simply like the idea of plug and play the electric smoker is for you. Since it needs to be plugged into an outlet, an electric smoker isn’t as portable as other smokers. ( The cook air comes with a plug for your vehicle lighter and you can use batteries).  Electric smokers come in both analog and digital styles.   An electric smoker can cook food faster than a propane smoker, but doesn’t always give the richest smoky flavor. Electric smokers use a heating element, typically that heating element is in the form of a rectangle. Usually its in its own box, metal box.  Getting to the point – the heating element that is for burning wood chips etc it is a place for adding the mojobricks.