Sweet Smoke Flavor mAPPLE™ “Mojoqube” 10lbs
April 29, 2015
Season supply of Cherry Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes 10lbs
October 7, 2015
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Sweet Smoke Maple 10lbs Mojobricks Mojoqubes™(biggest)


Smokin’ Fast Smoke Flavor

Its  Maple Mojoqubes in a 10lb box.


Mojoqubes in a 10 lb box!  Tightly bound,  produce mouth watering smoke flavor with highly compressed Mojobricks!


Mojoqube™ on left, Mojobricks Mini on right

Mojoqube™ on left, Mojobricks Mini on right

Smoke House Sweet 100% Maple. Sweet Maple is great with everything.  MAPLE  Mojobricks is an excellent fruit wood for the ultimate smoke house flavor.

This is our largest sized mojobrick for smoke flavor. There are 3 sizes for smoking Mojobricks Minis ( smallest),  Mojobricks Mojoqubes  and Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes which are rectangular and about 3″ in length.


The authentic flavor of natural Mojobricks as featured on “Zen of Wood”are ideal for the grill or as an addition to the pellet grill smoker.   Try one for smoke flavor in any grill.

  • Perfect smokehouse flavor for smoking brisket. Enhance the flavor of beef, poultry and fish.
  • Maple is a sweet fruit wood perfect for poultry and fresh water fish, it creates award winning mouth watering smoke flavor.
  • Mojobricks burn safer, consistent, and longer than wood chips or wood chunks and are a cleaner alternative.
  • Mojobricks are bound by an organic polymer- no glues, no parafins, no chemicals
  • Mojobricks are carbon neutral
  • Used by the pro’s this size is used for longer cooks and bigger meats – often longer than 3 hours.

Free shipping – 10lbs per box. Price includes shipping in (USA only). International order shipping is priced separately