Mojobricks mApple™ Minis (8 pack) (smallest)
December 23, 2014
Mojobricks® Cherry MojoQubes (2lbs) (Large)
December 23, 2014
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Mojobricks Competition Blend Bar-B-Qubes (4 Pack) (Medium)


#1 chosen size amongst pellet grill users.


COMPETITION BLEND! The #1 selling product! An all natural competition oak hardwood with a pecan essence -compressed into a large rectangular shaped qube, ( no binder) best for use in just about anything -charcoal, a gas grill, electric smoker or add it to a smoker tin. The Bar-B-Qube will allow you to cook low and slow without worry.  Once its lit, it will smoke without interruption for hours. It is not created to burn but rather produce clean consistent smoke flavor with a smooth delivery of the wood flavor without worry of bitterness in the end product!

Try it for Smokin’ Fast Smoke Flavor – you need only 1 per cook for RIBS or Chicken. YOU WILL LOVE IT!