Mojobricks® Hickory Minis (8 Pack) (Smallest)
December 2, 2015
Mojobricks Hickory Bar-B-Qubes (4pk) (Medium)
January 11, 2016
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Mojobricks Maple Bar-B-Qubes (4 pack) (medium size)


Smokin’ Fast Smoke Flavor”

Compressed all natural Mojobricks hardwood -low moisture creates better tasting food, “MAPPLE” is A MAPLE BLEND WITH AN APPLE ESSENCE #1 chosen size amongst pellet grill users.

 Mapple 4 Pack


An all natural sweet wood, this subtle smoking “MAPLE” is   compressed into a rectangular shaped qube (no binder) best for use in charcoal or added to a smoke box. Best Use; 2 to 4 hour low temperature cooks.  The Bar-B-Qube will allow you to cook low and slow.  Add one Maple Bar-B-Qube for a subtle Sweet smoke flavor with Fish, Chicken and other Poultry.

Try it for Smokin’ Fast Smoke Flavor –  YOU WILL LOVE IT!

The authentic flavor of natural Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes as featured on “Zen of Wood”are ideal for the grill or as an addition to the pellet grill smoker.   Try one for smoke flavor in any grill.

  • Perfect smokehouse flavor. Enhance the flavor of beef, poultry and Fresh water fish.
  • This Mojobricks Fruit Wood is perfect for Beef it creates award winning mouth watering smoke flavor.
  • Mojobricks burn safer, consistent, and longer than wood chips or wood chunks and are a cleaner alternative.
  • Mojobricks are bound by an organic polymer- no glues, no parafins, no chemicals
  • Mojobricks are carbon neutral