Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes – Variety Bundle (4 flavors included)
November 6, 2016
Mojobricks Apple Bar-B-Qubes (4pk) (Medium)
May 18, 2017
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Mojobricks Maple Minis (8 pack) (smallest)


“Smokin’ Fast Smoke Flavor”

Mojobricks Mapple Minis 8 per pack

Compressed all natural Mojobricks hardwood -low moisture creates better tasting food

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Mojobricks® are the best wood for smoke flavor! 8 individual Mini’s per pack. That the equivalent of  8 cups of wood chips in one small box! 1 mini replaces 1 cup of wood chips! Never mess with the mess of soaking wood chips again!

100% Maple!  Smoke that Lake Trout, Salmon or next catch with a  MAPLE MINI  an excellent blended fruit wood for the ultimate smoke flavor.

100% all natural blended MAPLE!  For “Smokin’Fast Smoke Flavor!” NEVER SOAK WOOD AGAIN! Use MINI for high heat short cooks or add one in a low temperature cook that may last 2 hours. Great for adding smoke flavor when grilling Fish, Chicken, Pork or even Veggies.  For use in any grill including charcoal, electric, solar (use smoke box) or gas grills and add one to a smoke tin for longer smoking occasions.

MAPLE MINIS are especially good for mouth watering smoke flavor on Fish and Poultry!