Mojobricks Red (Cherry) Minis (8 use pack)
December 11, 2014
Mojobricks Minis “mApple”(8 use pack)
December 23, 2014
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Mojobricks Variety Bundle – Minis (Smallest) 4 flavors included


Practice makes perfect! Get the official Mojobricks hardwood for cooking a steak!

In this pack you get one of everything with free shipping! 1 mApple with Apple Essence Mini-Qube pack,  1 Cherry Mini Qube Pack, 1 Competition Blend of Mini-Qube pack and HICKORY!.  That’s 4 packs of mini-qubes and shipping is free!

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8 individual Mini’s per pack. That the equivalent of  8 cups of wood chips in one small box! 1 mini replaces 1 cup of wood chips! Never mess with the mess of soaking wood chips again!

In this pack you get one of everything with free shipping! 1 “mApple” with Apple Essence Mini pack,  1 Cherry Mini Pack, 1 “Competition Blend” (its an oak blendand it kicks A$S leaving no bitter after taste  and of course America’s favorite –  Hickory!  That’s 4 packs of minis and shipping is free!

Get  4 bags of MOJOBRICKS MINIS each pack contains 8 individual “Minis”.


Never a need to cut down a tree – our recycled Earth Friendly 100% hardwood grilling and smoking woods are taking the market by surprise! An oversized wood pellet Mojobricks are compressed dense wood bricks which burn cleaner, longer, and more efficiently producing consistent results and providing professional Pitmasters with a new option for smoke flavor.  NO BINDERS! NO GLUES NO CHEMICALS and NO HASSLE!