Mojobricks Red Oak Bar-B-Qubes (4 Pack) (Medium)
February 2, 2016
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March 27, 2016
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“Round” Maple- Fuel for the Cook Air Grill (20 lb)


20 lbs per box.    Price reflects shipping and handling.

Additional shipping cost will be charged for orders outside of the U.S.

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To ship 20lbs is costly – Price reflects the shipping cost plus the Cook-Air hardwood “rounds”.

Relax and enjoy the great taste of wood cooked meat! Adding one Round per 15 mins on high or 1 Round per 30 mins on low, the rounds are more affordable they are  built for the purest who wants to cook over wood without the creosote, without the bugs, bark, dirt, fungus and inconsistency that comes with cooking over firewood.  Cook over Maple hardwood, cook over the economical hardwood for the Cook Air grill!  With just one round of cylinder shaped hardwood you will marvel at the distance they go and the mouth watering smoke flavor they create in your meat each and every cook! Shipping is included in the price.